NBA Finals Betting Odds Review

NBA Finals Betting Odds Review

A lot of people who follow NBA on a regular basis, even pundits and people who know and understand the game a bit more, pretty much suspected that 2015/16 will be a lot like 2014/15. In many ways it was much like last season, because all the favorites from last season finished high in the rankings. However, some things that could’ve hardly been predicted happened, as well. Of course, just like in any NBA season there were some thriller moments. We all love those moments, when the ball is spinning around the rim of the basket. Personally that moment reminds of roulette and the way the ball is spinning while the wheel is still moving. I have recently tried my luck at roulette from my phone of all things.  Now I play at casinos I found looking at CasinoAppList's UK selection, while keeping tabs of the latest match results. You’ll find that there are several top quality UK real money casinos here also. Wonders never cease. It’s certainly a mobile world.

One of the most notable things that happened this year has to do with the Warriors. GSW made history this year as they become the best team in the course of a regular season ever, beating Chicago’s previous record. Of course, the reputation and fame of MJ will remain unblemished, but from now on another player will be named when people ask who lead their team to the best score in history the regular course of an NBA season – Steph Curry

The Warriors are the obvious favorites 

The Playoffs have already began and the Warriors proved that they can play well even without Curry, in a game where they beat the Rockets in Game 2 of the First Round. Betting on the Warriors winning the 2016 NBA Championship may be a very smart bet, as the odds offered by some bookies are still positive. You may bet on the Warriors at +125. A $100 bet would yield $125 profits. Some people seem to forget the amazing season the Spurs had this year. Sure, it can hardly be compared to what the Warriors achieved, but let’s not forget that the Spurs had only one home loss this season, at the hands of the Warriors. So, if you feel that they might cause an upset and win, you’ll be able to get odds of up to +450. The Cavs are the only other team that is considered to have at least somewhat serious chances of winning the 2016 Championship and the odds for them are +455. 

Make sure you select the most favorable odds

Make sure that you check the odds at multiple sports betting sites and it is not the same whether you get +125 or -175 odds GSW to win the Championship. With the latter you will only win $57 with a $100 bet. Remember that you don’t have to bet on who will be the winner of the Finals. You may also bet whether a team is going to reach the Finals or not. Many predict that the main battle will be in the Western Conference, between GSW and SAS. Perhaps that’s why the odds for the Cavs winning the Eastern Conference are set at only -300. In addition, you may also bet whether a Western or an Eastern team will win the Finals. The odds are much lower for the Western Conference, at -350.