Windows 10 Upgrade Will Remain Free For Users Of Assistive Technologies

Windows 10 Upgrade Will Remain Free For Users Of Assistive Technologies

For Windows 10 Pro users who might be angrily flipping the "Turn Off Store" switch off and on, save the energy because the option no longer works and has been disabled since November.

To be eligible for the upgrade, you need to have a genuine version of Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 on your PC.

As per Microsoft, Windows 10 will also be the last operating system version from Microsoft and will feature periodic upgrades from time to time which will be available for free to all users.

For most of the Steve Ballmer era at Microsoft, Microsoft's revenue growth was sporadic - there would be big jumps whenever the company had new versions of Windows and Office, followed by lulls. The company is planning to introduce various changes for its users and interestingly, one of it is the company going to put an end to free upgrade for Windows 10. As things stand, 29 July will see Windows 10 Home become a $120 paid-for service (we're still waiting for an official United Kingdom price). With users turning up their noses at Windows 8 in favor of the far more popular Windows 7, or even the aging XP, the company was eager to get users to adopt Windows 10.

Windows is one of the widely trusted and highly used operating system.

Next after you have installed Windows 10, click the start button and then go to settings, next find Update&security and then Activation.

The only users now allowed to block access to the app store are users of the Enterprise or Education editions.

App developers now have an easier way to sell their wares to businesses running Windows 10.

Microsoft said it had made the change "by design".

Image Credit: Windows 10 (pictured above) via Microsoft. By only using those averages it reflects what I believe is the status-quo when it comes to adding to the active user base for Windows 10.

Indeed, the Windows Store holds several worthy alternatives to the default FM Radio app on Windows 10 Mobile, but without a doubt, the most successful are those that require an Internet connection and which provide access to large databases of radio stations.