Latest Election Presidential polls 2016: Democratic Results Project Bernie Sanders Victory "Details"

Sanders won West Virginia Tuesday night for his 19th primary win, but it is practically impossible for him to clinch the Democratic nomination. Before Tuesday's results, Clinton was just 155 delegates short of the 2,383 needed for the Democratic nomination while Sanders needed 929 more.

"I think that in those states where we have won landslide victories, those delegates should reflect the wishes of the people of their state and give us their votes".

West Virginia has one of the highest unemployment rates in country.

“Trump will not become president because the American people understand that our strength is in our diversity”, Sanders said. He says they don't care about real issues, which is why Trump doesn't have to talk about them.

Going into West Virginia, Clinton, a former USA secretary of state, had 2,228 delegates, including 523 so-called superdelegates, elite party members who are free to support any candidate.

Ms. Clinton received 10 delegates as against Mr. Sanders' 15. Some argue that Clinton alienated coal workers in March when she commented that her climate policies would put many coal miners out of business.

"This is something we've got to get all of our nominations settled on the Democratic side", she added. "But let me also say this: This myth that long primaries somehow hurt the eventual nominee, I think we all saw in 2008 how that just was not true".

The attacks hurled by the Sanders campaign at Clinton could have a lasting impact on her campaign going forward, something she will have to combat going into what is sure to be a contentious general election.

The Vermont senator's winning streak continues, but Hillary Clinton still has a massive lead in the numbers that count.

Because the state's 29 pledged delegates will be split proportionally between the two, Sanders needs a huge margin of victory in order to cut into Clinton's almost 300 pledged-delegate advantage.

"The other key pro-Sanders factor in West Virginia: It holds a semi-closed primary, meaning that unaffiliated voters can take part in either party's primary". Fine. Whatever. Those people who are supporting Donald Trump are, most of them, who have been on the bandwagon before, are not constitutionalists, not people who actually believed in the principles of the Tea Party.