Michael Weatherly On His 'NCIS' Finale, Cote de Pablo & Possible Return Visits

Michael Weatherly On His 'NCIS' Finale, Cote de Pablo & Possible Return Visits

NCIS Season 13 finale will air on CBS on May the 17th, 2016.

The show's last episode "Dead Letter" eventually turned the hunt for former MI6 agent Jacob Scott into a hunt for Ziva.

Weatherly recalled his first meeting with de Pablo.

"I really wanted to leave it up to that creative team", he said.

The two-part finale episode of CBS' long running series "NCIS" will see the task force alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigation and M16 continuing their global manhunt for the escaped British spy, Agent Jacob Scott (Vince Nappo). Michael Weatherly leaving NCIS has been in the news for months now.

"I've been given this great moment to look down the path a little bit and make decisions that haven't been available to me in 14 years", Weatherly said.

Fans speculate that this means the two-episode finale may be a very bloody and violent end to the season and that at some point DiNozzo will come across an obstacle that tears him apart so brutally that he will need to step away from his duties from the rest of the NCIS team for some time. Surely he should have known everything about this character he has portrayed and brought to life on the screen. "What happened for me in the season finale is that I discovered an aspect of DiNozzo that had never been revealed before, and it very much surprised me".

In addition to Weatherly, the Bull pilot's cast includes Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr and Chris Jackson.

Weatherly has reminisced about the exit. All he could think was that he was unemployed, and it was a scary time for him. There are projects lining up and the world really is his oyster.

In an interview with TV Line, show boss Gary Glasberg teased that as Scott's arc wraps up, the spotlight will be turned into giving DiNozzo a proper send-off, "We're going to give people the fun and the drive of "NCIS". There are rumors that he will die, but it is possible that he will decide to walk away.


What is in store for Michael Weatherly now that he has left NCIS?