Microsoft kills off Windows 10's Wi-Fi Sense

Microsoft kills off Windows 10's Wi-Fi Sense

Microsoft's latest preview build release for the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone update, meanwhile, removed the WiFi Sense feature that was criticized by many as a potential security hole.

With the latest update, users will also be required to re-install the extensions again from the Windows Store. This option is popular in some browsers, so Microsoft probably saw the potential in it, and brought it to Windows 10.

So how is Microsoft is intending to drive more Windows 10 adoption during the rest of calendar 2016?

At launch, Microsoft had claimed the ability to share network login details to Facebook, Skype or contacts was safer than writing them down on a piece of paper as credentials would be encrypted. You could increasingly buy a new version of Windows at an upgrade price and put it on your old hardware, removing one of the primary reasons why people might otherwise buy a new PC. During this time, users downloaded them from Microsoft's servers, but from now on add-ons will continue to be found in the Windows Store.

First and foremost, the device will finally get more smart alerts, so it will alert you when it's time to hydrate or to eat. That figure includes PCs, tablets, smartphones, Xbox consoles, and other devices. On new Windows Phones, Continuum allows users to connect their devices to large screen monitors and keyboards and use their Mobile apps on a bigger screen. Microsoft has also used fingerprint scanners in devices like the Surface, but not its phones - yet.