Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Top 5 features expected

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Top 5 features expected

Reports suggesting a June release for Surface Pro 5 ignore the fact that Surface Pro 4 is well-equipped to handle competition from Apple and has matured with Intel Skylake processors over the last eight months, thanks to fixes from Microsoft. Rumors indicate that the entry-level version of Surface Pro 5 will carry a price tag of $899. These sources have suggested that any new launch is likely to happen following the launch of Intel's Kaby Lake processors.

The company is said to be planning for a 4K Ultra HD display in the Surface Pro 5, which means that the tablet will have 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution. This update is known as Redstone - or RS2 because it's the second part of it - and Microsoft is supposedly hanging on until the new Surface devices are ready so it can showcase the software features on them. However, the Microsoft tablet was plagued with battery management issues, which the company addressed in an update in February this year.

Best Buy and Microsoft Store are now offering the Surface Pro 4 (Intel Core i5, 256 GB, 8 GB of RAM) for $1,199. The original price of the Surface Pro 4 is $1799. "Use the Surface Pen to open a OneNote or to activate Cortana, your truly personal digital assistant", says Microsoft.

For long, the current Surface Pro 4 has been facing negative reviews as far as the battery life is concerned.

Furthermore, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to have USB Type-C port. Speculations are doing the rounds that the forthcoming Surface Pro 5 will feature a fingerprint reader. The stylus may be recharged through a magnetic dock linked to the tablet. Now there's another possibility that we'll see the Surface Pro 5 before the end of June but we don't know yet.

The new generation of Surface Pro tablet will house a fingerprint scanner on board as reported by the Bitbag.

The Surface Pro 4 (Intel Core i7,16 GB RAM, 256 GD SSD drive) is now available for $1,649.

Microsoft has not confirmed the launch date or any details of the fifth-generation Surface Pro tablet.