Real Madrid and Atletico is in final and ready for your bets

Real Madrid and Atletico is in final and ready for your bets

These two teams came to the final again. And, of course, we could predict it a long time ago.

The hard victory over the "Manchester City" gave the "Real Madrid" a ticket to the final in Milan. May 28 in the playoff, like two years ago, the two teams will meet in Madrid: a rival for "Royal Club" will be the "Athletics", who beaten out of the tournament "Bavaria" on Tuesday.

"Atletico", you're beautiful! "Real" repeat!" With such a happy headline on Wednesday was published the main newspaper in Madrid. The cover was divided into two parts, the left was devoted to the joy for the "Athletics ", which tore from Bavaria its ticket to Milan, and the right called the "Real" to beat "Manchester City" and to form the Madrid final. It happened for the second time in three years. The Spanish capital in this plan is unique, and all others envy her.

"Real" listened and won. And it could hardly be otherwise. The "Royal Club" received serious effort after the first match: Cristiano Ronaldo has recovered from a mysterious injury and on the field he showed himself as one of the best, was constantly at the forefront, made feints, tricks, hits from different positions. He even sent the ball into the net by his hands, like NBA star, making a slam-dunk. Well, it was from an offside position, so he easily escaped the card. In general, the Portuguese again in a good shape and the end of the season the team of Zinedine Zidane meets with a full luggage of optimism.

Nevertheless, many of us still feel that "Bavaria" and "Manchester City" announced their separations with the head coaches too early. In many ways, it is a sense of a common work; solidarity was not enough for “Bavaria” and “Manchester City” in the semifinals. Pep Guardiola and Manuel Pellegrini did not feel the same with their teams. Unlike Diego Simeone and Zidane, whose duel at the "San Siro" on May 28 promises to give an elegant show for all football fans.

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