Microsoft's Cortana is now your personal DJ and cooking assistant

Microsoft's Cortana is now your personal DJ and cooking assistant

Microsoft is facing the backlash from Chinese users who have been angered by the company's efforts at persuading people to register for the free Windows 10 upgrade, an offer scheduled to end on July 26. Meanwhile, Cortana learns new tricks. Yes, it has been finally improved with some classic tweaks that boost Cortanas' usability and accessibility. If you have a Groove Music Pass subscription, you can ask Cortana to play your favorite artist, genre or even an entire playlist. You can now say "Hey Cortana, set a timer for 10 minutes" and the assistant will oblige, whether your PC is unlocked or not. Sticky notes, the helpful concept of note maker just got linked to different applications including Cortana. Microsoft is trying to sell Windows 10 like sour beer.

The new Remote Desktop app for Windows 10 now has support for Azure Remote App, giving access to applications running in Microsoft's data centers, according to an April Microsoft announcement.

Based on Insider feedback, we have updated the File Explorer icon with more color. It now has more color. Apart from that, gamers are in for a treat as the update brings a full-screen Windows Game bar support for hits like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Due to a lot of requests from Insiders, six more games have been added for full-screen, too. There may indeed be valid reasons why you may need Windows 10, for example if you are developing for that platform and want to test your software on it. And yes, in 5-10 years you will probably have no other choice. This will show status tags that give a short-form way to give status on feedback the developers are working on. It's meant to work in conjunction with your antivirus program and provides an additional layer of defense against malware.

Limited Periodic Scanning will come turned off by default in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. It's a quick way to save a game clip or screenshot and then boast about kicking butt in a popular game by sharing it using the Xbox app. The kicker is that if Windows doesn't recognize your app as a game, you won't be able to share it on Xbox Live.

"A fix is expected within the next few days, so no new builds over the weekend".