Quarter with tiny mistake could be worth thousands

Quarter with tiny mistake could be worth thousands

A rare defect is making some quarters from 1970 worth considerably more than their face value. The asking price for the unusual coin is $35,000.

That's because the 1970 quarter with the mint error was a proof coin and never released into circulation.

A quarter from 1970 could be worth more - much more - than 25 cents because of a mistake on the back. Their secret was they've been overprinting on 1941 Canadian quarters.

It's not clear how many coins actually have the mistake, so check your wallet and under your sofa cushions.

He says some of the detail of the original coin is still evident, including the "1941" date stamp above the word "Dollar" on the tails side.

The tiny marking isn't easy to see, and you might need a coin collector to help.

This our news sounds incredible because 1970 is not 1070 or something else related to antiques. Whatever it was, wish you the only success in your searching and further auctioning.