Microsoft Surface Phone To Bring Forward Major Changes in Microsoft Mobiles

Microsoft Surface Phone To Bring Forward Major Changes in Microsoft Mobiles

With the sale of a small portion of the Windows 10 Mobile OS and the Windows Phone devices to HMD Global and FIH Mobiles, it is expected that Microsoft might no longer be working on the Lumia series of devices, and will focus more on the Surface series, possibly also coming out with a Surface Phone.

If you were looking for a Surface Book in the United Kingdom but wanted more storage than the previous top-end 512GB model, then there's some good news - a new 1TB affair is now on pre-order at the Microsoft store (the model which became available in the States back at the start of the year). It is expected to be the greatest and fastest chipset offering from Intel.

Surface Pro devices earned popularity following the launch of Surface Pro 3.

While October this year is the next period with a good possibility, it perfectly feasible that Microsoft could wait until 2017, with some touting March.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Core i5 base model will cost $899.

The Surface Book 2 is also expected to have improved battery life which allows up to eight hours of usage.

Microsoft might also be holding back the new Surface Pro tablet because it will use AMD's Polaris graphics processor, which has also not yet been released, according to reports.

That processor isn't expected to be ready until later this month, after which Microsoft can start incorporating the Kaby Lake processors into its products. Some say it will be the sixth-generation Skylake chip, but other rumours suggest it will be the following generation, codenamed Kaby Lake. Asus earlier announced a Surface Pro lookalike at Computex.

Aside from the seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors, Mobipicker reported that the Surface Pro 5 could feature 4K Ultra HD display, better than Surface Pro 4's 2,736 x 1,824-pixel resolution.