A Blunder Made by Microsoft at E3

A Blunder Made by Microsoft at E3

All games, apps, and peripherals will be compatible on both the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio devices. Fans can now download "Babel Rising", "Brain Challenge", and "Flashback" and play the titles on the Xbox One. For a moment, there were shades of the Xbox One first announcement, but you've helped with the clarity of the situation.

While there may be a greater cause for users of the older-gen PS3 or Xbox One to upgrade to the upcoming PS Neo, an expected cheaper PS4 in the coming months might suffice for other gamers.

TechTimes stated that Sony might not follow tradition in 2016 and launch the PlayStation4 Neo before the end of the year. Virtual reality is the (current) cool kid on the block and E3 confirmed this. The package includes the VR headset itself, a processor unit, VR headset connection cable, USB cable, HDMI cable, headphones, and a power cord.

Richard Leadbetter of Eurogamer stated that several sources indicated that the PlayStation4 Neo will launch later in 2016, putting its release date much earlier than Microsoft's Project Scorpio.

This iterative, trickle-down strategy could be the approach that Microsoft is now adopting. Microsoft and Sony have been at each other's necks when it comes to making consoles. Memory bandwidth is also to be improved over the PlayStation 4, but at a figure of 218GB/s is still far behind that of Scorpio.

Neo seemed to be a half step in this generation of hardware, but Microsoft seems to have learned from its mistakes with Xbox One and is wanting to start a new round of console wars.

"We are building a beast", Xbox Game Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg said about Project Scorpio during Microsoft's E3 presentation, according to Dualshockers.

"We'll absolutely be open to that", Spencer said.

We don't know who it'll be made by, but judging by recent form - and the fact the console makers really only have AMD and Intel to choose from - it'll probably be AMD.

Also unveiled during the Microsoft event: Play Anywhere support allowing players to play some games on both Xbox One or Windows 10, and customizable controllers players that can be crafted in a variety of colors. In addition, if this happens, then Sony's forthcoming console could be an ideal solution for gamers who are looking for such capability.