The latest wave of eSports innovation

The latest wave of eSports innovation

2016 looks to see eSports continuing to push video gaming into the mainstream through a series of massive events and impressive media coverage. With new dedicated eSports television channels set to be launched, it’s widely expected that competitive gaming could soon join casino games as being a big part of our late night terrestrial TV viewing.

The UK has shown itself to be particularly in thrall to the unstoppable rise of eSports with Ginx TV providing the first example of a 24-hour gaming channel. This will be launched via Sky’s television service and will aim to compete with the likes of ESPN who have also shown a surprising willingness to cover eSports as well as traditional sporting activities.

These moves come in response to the vast inroads that eSports has made into popular culture with an estimated 150 million people now taking part in competitive gaming across the planet. However, there are those that say that traditional television stations have been much too slow to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

This is because it’s become clear that it’s the online domain that offers gamers the most immersive and comprehensive location to play, watch and share their gaming exploits. The streaming service has become a phenomenal success through allowing gamers to stream their gameplay and comment upon the live-action from other gamers.

And even traditional casino games such as poker, roulette and blackjack have been given a 21st century revamp at which has done much to stimulate a more mature gaming audience who may be more resistant to playing more archetypal eSports games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

Given the ease with which people can now partake in a wide variety of games in the online domain, it’s going to be interesting to see how traditional entertainment technologies adapt to the new developments.

But much like gaming apps are increasingly turning to terrestrial television adverts to gain a greater mainstream exposure, it’s been interesting to see how certain eSports franchises, tournaments and even players are aligning themselves with certain large brand names in order to increase revenues and solidify their endeavours.

Just this month we’ve already seen the likes of Bud Light making an appearance at the E3 gaming conference in a bid to branch out from its traditional sporting sponsorship into the potentially lucrative eSports realm. So whether it’s battle arena games or online casino games, we can look to see many more video gaming entertainments on our screens over the coming months.