I was punched by Draymond Green

The Spartans cornerback, who accused Draymond Green of punching him over the weekend leading to Golden State Warriors forward's arrest, has been granted his release and will transfer from the school, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio said in a statement released Wednesday night.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, July 10, 2016, in the city where Green played for Michigan State from 2008-12. While in jail, police said Green submitted to a breathalyzer test, which showed his blood alcohol level to be 0.10, above the 0.08 legal limit in MI.

Edmondson told police his run-in with Green began on Friday, July 8, inside of Rick's American Café in East Lansing, where the two bumped into each other and exchanged words.

Edmondson claimed in the police report that Green used an open-hand slap to his face during a confrontation at an East Lansing restaurant.

He said he spotted Green the next night and tried to talk to him, according to the police report. If he is proved guilty and convicted, the punishment will entail a fine of $500 and 93 days in jail.

He played in all 16 regular-season games last season, starting one, and caught 16 passes for 203 yards.

Edmondson had been thinking about transferring out of the program prior to the incident with Green. Reports came in that Edmondson was not going to be pressing any charges against Green.

"When things happen, you meet them head on", Green said at a tech conference in Colorado. "As I started to talk again, boom, I'm punched in the jaw, in front of all my friends and peers".

"I didn't pay him any mind until he walks all the way across the line to look my girlfriend up and down and smirks at her", Edmondson said in a written statement emailed to police on Sunday. In an interview posted on ESPN Tuesday, Green admitted that he can not put himself in "certain situations" being a public figure.

RO at that time did make contact with the suspect and it became immediately known that the suspect was Draymond Green who is known to be an ex MSU basketball player and current NBA basketball player.