Quivo.co news site launched in Colombia

Quivo.co news site launched in Colombia

Innovative news portal Quivo.co is launched in Colombia. In less than three weeks thousands of readers visited Quivo.co.

Innovative news portal Quivo.co is launched in Colombia. In less than three weeks thousands of readers visited Quivo.co. After a month of work, the site reached the top lines of news resources rating. Users are extremely happy. Developers promise to keep the brand.

From now people of Colombia will no longer have to worry about where to find the latest news about life in their country. News portal Quivo.co has been gaining reliable reputation speedily. It all happened thanks to competence, importance and modernity of their ordinary materials and breaking news.

All the information at Quivo.co is kept in ten sections so that every visitor can easily find the required news. Consequently, all video, photo and written materials are located in politics, business, health, society, sports, and culture, buzz, showbiz and entertainment categories. Here you can as well read frequent articles on animal life.

Over fifty news on various topics, different comments of prominent experts, thorough analytical reviews, photos and video materials are published daily on Quivo.co. All of them are connected to all sides of Colombia contemporary life. The site`s developers particularly implemented a new system of publishing information. From this moment all Colombians can get the most valuable information from single news. In addition, for a certain group of visitors with plenty of free time there are many interesting long reads.

For that reason, each consumer is always able to discover news exactly to own taste. If a person needs information about up-to-date vacancies in Colombia, there is such info in a special category. If someone needs to know what higher educational institution to enter next year, Education category is always at his/her disposal. If you are concerned only with health and sports, there are always a lot of remarkable materials on these topics.

Only the most experienced and professional cameramen, journalists, and editors work at Quivo.co. Regardless of the fact that the flow of information is rather huge, they choose merely the most vital and necessary materials for you.

We strongly recommend Quivo.co for all users who are interested in the key Colombia events. Undoubtedly, this online portal would become your favorite and reliable guide in the news world.