Will consider alliance with Russia to destroy ISIS: Donald Trump

The headquarters of the Democratic National Committee is seen in Washington, U.S. June 14, 2016. It is believed that the DNC was just one of many USA political organizations targeted by the hackers. New email scandal threatens Democratic Party unityWasserman Schultz goes from favored to on the outsBack in April, the DNC brought in consultants from Crowdstrike, a private security firm. Reportedly the hackers had access to the network for about a year before the breach was spotted. DNC officials hired outside help after additional indications surfaced that their systems were compromised. "We don't have a general command". "But these hackers are so sophisticated that they changed procedures". 'I am simply going off what the reporting is telling us'.

The FBI has started to investigate who may be behind the hack, which has led to the resignation of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

How WikiLeaks obtained the emails is unclear.

"We have emails relating to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication", Assange said in an interview at the time with British ITV, adding that he anticipated it would be "a very big year" for his site because of information it holds on the former secretary of state.

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton's campaign accused Russian Federation of stealing the files and releasing them to WikiLeaks, which published the cache, to sabotage her run for the White House.

Trump took to Twitter yesterday to also slam the DNC and Clinton.

Ironically, and embarrassingly, amongst the trove of mails is one from DNC deputy communications director Eric Walker on May 5 sharing a BuzzFeed News report in which cybersecurity experts questioned the online security of both the DNC and RNC.

"Internet attack attribution is very hard, and in many cases impossible", Resilient cyber-security expert and Chief Technology Officer Bruce Schneier told AFP.

"The FBI is investigating the incident and it's important for the FBI to do its work", Kerry said.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov batted away any suggestion that Moscow was behind the hack. Lavrov was asked by reporters about Russian involvement in the DNC hacking, and his only response was "I do not want to use four-letter words", according to the Associated Press. "That's true. But there have been no credible allegations that our sources have been state intelligence agencies acting with the authority of the government".

Obama administration officials deferred questions on the investigation to the FBI.

If that had happened to the Republicans I'd guess Trump would have said that Russian Federation was trying to rig the USA election. But the intrusion so far appears to bear the hallmarks of a Russian intelligence operation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the breach, which some USA lawmakers and cybersecurity specialists had already linked to Russian Federation.

Typically, spy agencies collect such information to try to better inform their governments about US politics. "He's been actively attacking the U.S.-backed rebels in Syria, buzzing ships and planes in the Black Sea and the Baltic, not to mention invading Ukraine and seizing Crimea".

"We are still seeing attempts to obsessively use the topic of Russian Federation during the United States electoral campaign", Peskov said. The answer won't likely come until well after the election.