Nawaz Sharif picks up Kashmir atrocities with Ban Ki-moon: FO

Nawaz Sharif picks up Kashmir atrocities with Ban Ki-moon: FO

Hitting out at Pakistan over attempts to internationalise the Kashmir issue, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday said that part of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. Asked about China-Pakistan economic corridor, Swarup said it passes through India's sovereign territory under illegal occupation of Pakistan and that "India would obviously have concerns about any project there happening with third party collaboration".

"The Prime Minister has called upon the UN Secretary General to send a fact finding mission to Kashmir stressing that Azad Kashmir can not be compared with Indian Occupied Kashmir having grim situation of human rights", he said.

While the Pakistani Army's savagery in Baluchistan is nothing new, its scale is said to have intensified after Modi's Independence Day speech in which he referred to Pakistan's human rights violations in Baluchistan. While in India, Kerry would state something, yet in Pakistan his statement would be different from what he would have said during his visit to New Delhi, he said. First, Pakistan must withdraw all its forces and tribesmen that had invaded Jammu and Kashmir and then help create conditions for people to express their choice without fear by not sending men and material into the state. The thing that needs to be understood how did the victimisation start. It won't change the ground situation that Jammu And Kashmiris an integral part of India.

Asked about Sharif criticising Modi's remarks on Balochistan and PoK as unwarranted and in contravention of the UN charter, in his letter to the UN Chief, Swarup said the issue about people who are oppressed and crushed and raising it can not be wrong. "That is what the real interference is and this is what Pakistanneeds to stop", he added. Atrocities being committed by the Indian forces in the valley have taken a heavy toll on the lives of the innocent Kashmiris who are demanding freedom from the clutches of India once and for all.

The Prime Minister welcomed the UN Secretary General's efforts to avoid further violence and thanked him for recognising Pakistan's commitment to the peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute.