Kentucky Obesity Rate is 5th Highest in Nation, New Study Finds

Kentucky Obesity Rate is 5th Highest in Nation, New Study Finds

Minnesota is one of only four states to see a decrease in obesity rates from 2014 to 2015, according to a report released Thursday.

Iowa now has the 12th highest adult obesity rate in the nation at 32.1 percent.

The 2016 State of Obesity Report is funded by Trust for America's Health, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization advocating for community health and disease prevention, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a philanthropy organization focused on health.

Minnesota ranked 13th nationally in 2015 for low obesity rates, behind traditionally young and affluent states such as Colorado, California and Hawaii.

The CDC released Adult Obesity Prevalence Maps today showing at least 20 percent of the population in every state is obese and 35 percent of the population in at least four states is obese.

Richard Hamburg, interim president of Trust for America's Health, said the bad news still outweighs the good.

Rates climbed in Kansas and Kentucky between 2014 and 2015 while declining in Minnesota, Montana, New York and OH, the first time in the past decade that any states have reported decreases with the exception of Washington, 2010.

Rates are highest among Latinos, men and people ages 45 to 64. Alabama has the third-highest rates of adult diabetes and hypertension, according to the study.

Nine of the 11 most-obese states are in the South, according to the report.

- For high school students in the Mountain State specifically, the 2015 obesity rate was 17.9 percent.

The slimmest region of the country, the West, saw 25.2 percent of its population report themselves as obese, followed by 26.4 percent in the Northeast, and 30.7 percent in Midwest.

The MDH says obesity rates have a significant impact on health care costs for related chronic diseases, which include diabetes.