The second season of Stranger Things has been officially announced

This show reminds us of what is great about science fiction, and also lends credit to Netflix's claim of being one of the best suppliers of original content.

However, the thing that fans would be more interested in is whether the second season would explore the "upside" to a higher degree in the new season and the Duffer Brothers said that they would. One thing is for sure, the hype around Stranger Things continues to grow.

First off, fans can rejoice and take a deep breath after the Duffers confirmed the show wouldn't be an anthology, choosing to stick with the charming main cast instead.

If the gripping plot and relatably flawed characters aren't enough to make you enjoy Stranger Things, then the soundtrack surely will.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly's Tim Stack, the Duffer Brothers Ross and Matt sat down to shed some more light on the upcoming season of "Stranger Things".

Actress Shannon Purser, who portrayed Barb in season one, celebrated the news by tweeting: "We've finally been renewed for Season 2!". He went on to reveal that Hawkin's won't be the only setting, stating "We will venture a little bit outside of Hawkins".

Another question, you see Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) disappeared after she faced the monster from the upside down world.

"We're just really policing ourselves rigorously to root every scene, every episode in the characters that we all love", Levy said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It will still follow the same characters while adding more mysteries.

Recent news pertaining to "Stranger Things" Season 2 is filled with both positive and negative claims. Dan Cohen, who also executive produces the Matt and Ross Duffer creation, divulged that the writers already have an idea on what to do for the second season in terms of the story.