IOC To Start Inquiry Into Lochte Robbery Claim

Gunnar Bentz, one of four U.S. Olympic swimmers implicated in the fabricated story of an armed robbery in Rio, has issued a statement that puts the blame squarely on Ryan Lochte for the whole mess.

I should have been more careful and for having atracted the attention far from the ones coming to the Olympic Games, to represent their respective countries, ' said Ryan Lochte in a communique. Veloso said guards flashed a gun to prevent the men from leaving the scene, which ended with the swimmers giving about $55 to pay for the damage.

The three other swimmers in the auto tried to leave as quickly as possible because they feared Lochte would cause more damage, G1 said, quoting from the revised testimony.

Conger clarified that he was not considered a suspect by Brazilian police, only a witness, and said he was "completely truthful" in all of his statements.?

What a shame they have such character faults. I waited to share these thoughts until it was confirmed that the legal situation was addressed and it was clear that my teammates would be arriving home safely.

Lochte says he has learned some valuable lessons and says he's sorry to his teammates, his fans, his fellow competitors, sponsors and hosts of this great event.

In the swimmers' original version of events, Lochte and three fellow swimmers said their taxi was pulled over and they were robbed at gunpoint early in the morning of August 14. The situation was an enormous embarrassment for the U.S. Olympic team, which has dominated in the medal count.

The authorities say they have surveillance footage that backs up their version of events. You're the ones who offered money so the gas station employees wouldn't call the police.

Lochte and Jimmy Feigen gave sworn statements to police the same morning as the incident. The four swimmers have all their belongings and are cracking jokes as they pass through the security check.

Lochte said he had been forced to the ground in a Rio gas station and robbed with a gun to his head. "I then suggested to everyone that we needed to leave the area and we returned to the taxi". It's unclear where Feigen is, but the U.S. committee said he is cooperating with Brazilian authorities.

Jeah, Ryan Lochte may not be facing any major legal repercussions for his behavior, but he's revealed himself for what he really is: An obnoxious "bro" traveling overseas, who just so happens to be a great swimmer. Some video angles were not shown, he said, that would have substantiated Bentz's account and testimony.

Additionally, Lochte and the others could face fines or suspension from USA Swimming. Bentz does not mention any money given by the other two swimmers. Nearly as soon as the news broke, the validity of Lochte's claims came under fire and, just yesterday, Bentz and Conger were pulled off a flight that was supposed to take them home and taken in for questioning by police. "It's a reminder that all of us, when we travel and especially when we represent the USA in the Olympics, are ambassadors for our country and should be on our best behavior".

He is expected to come home on Friday. Attorney Breno Melaragno said under the agreement, Feigen will make the donation, get his passport back and depart.