Indigenous People's Day vs. Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus is an historical figure who has received mixed reviews. In his wake, the "New World" suffered smallpox, starvation, the cruel subjugation of the indigenous peoples, and the establishment of that most dastardly spawn of the West: America...

Columbus Day is a national holiday but not everyone thinks Americans should celebrate it. Vermont Governor Peter Schumlin officially renamed the holiday Indigenous People's Day this year, and Phoenix has voted to celebrate the latter, too.

"Columbus Day celebrates the beginning of cultural exchange between America and Europe", the group states in a paper called "Why we should celebrate Columbus Day".

Some consider it a matter of pride in their heritage. "It's really nice to see such a great turnout and to see new native people joining".

It is kind of amusing to think you can "discover" a place where people are already living. There is of course the moral issue but the motivating factors from the group, are also immoral in themselves as they were just another form of indoctrination that has mostly been driven by regular people looking for a shopping day of bargains.

Even those who do not agree that Columbus was as bad as many historians claim have to admit that numerous discoveries traditionally attributed to Columbus are factually inaccurate.

"After Columbus, came millions of European immigrants who brought their art, music, science, medicine, philosophy and religious principles to America", according to the organization. "It's an opportunity to celebrate that - to claim this day in honor of the cultures that are still here and present today". In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a federal holiday after intense lobbying by a Catholic service organization consisting largely of Italian Americans, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"We really cannot continue in this tradition and this history, which is personified by Columbus, where some people in Spain went out and started conquering other people and demanding so many resources because they couldn't be content with what they had", he said.

To that end, cities and some states are ditching Columbus Day for what they are calling "Indigenous People's Day".

She added that St. Joseph's Day on March 19 might be a good alternative.

On Monday, federal workers and many others will get a day off for Columbus Day, a welcome respite from the workday routine. Until then, it's nice everyone has Twitter as a way to work out their feelings on the holiday.