Fire Prevention Week focuses on smoke alarms

Fire Prevention Week focuses on smoke alarms

That's why this year's Fire Prevention Week campaign is "Don't Wait - Check the Date!"

A two-level home can get a third.

People may contact Emergency Services Coordinator Ricky Gibens to request the free smoke detectors and a fire inspection through the grant-funded program.

"Like anything in life, sports figures they practice, or ballet or dance or whatever, whatever you do, you always have to practice". 60 percent of house fire deaths occur in homes with no working smoke alarms.

Nationwide, firefighters respond to a fire once every 23 seconds.

MEDIA GENERAL may allow you to upload, post, transmit or otherwise provide content to MEDIA GENERAL Web sites, including, but not limited to, photos, video, audio, comments, articles, blogs, forums and any other such communication in which you provide content to the Web site ("User Content"). "Having a working smoke alarm in the home allows that notification to get out and stay out is the most important thing we can do", said Chattanooga Fire Marshal William Matlock.

It's Fire Prevention Week and this year the Midland Fire Department is focusing on the importance of replacing your smoke detectors.

"Smoke detectors save lives and this program that we're working with the Red Cross and all the Madison County volunteer firefighters will serve to help save lives and protect members of our community and make life better for us and hopefully prevent a fire fatality".

While crews worked to install the smoke detectors, firefighters assessed each home and worked with homeowners to develop an escape plan and a rendezvous point outside the home.

To find out how old your smoke alarm is and its expiration date, look on the back of the alarm where the date of manufacture is marked. Reith says at least one of those smoke detectors in your home should have a 10-year sealed battery that can't be taken out and put into another device.

Fire Prevention Week is October 9-15.

The department is handing out smoke detectors to anyone who needs one.

Change the smoke alarm batter twice a year, or when it starts chirping.