Facebook Messenger's "Conversation Topics" Will Suggest Users What to Talk About

Facebook Messenger's

Then you'll love a new Facebook feature will which suggest subjects you might want to chat over with chums. Starting conversations was probably never so easy before the Conversation Topics.

But, anyway, the new feature is called "conversation topics" and is now being tested out in the US. These conversation starters seem to depend on Messenger's connection to Facebook's greater social network. The feature is still in its testing phase and so just a small population of the people is experiencing it now in their Messenger app.

While fellow Facebook-owned service WhatsApp now automatically encrypts all messages and conversations, Messenger users have the choice over whether to use the feature, which appears in the app under the name Secret Conversations.

Those who struggle to come up with interesting topics to discuss with their friends may soon be able to receive a helping hand from Facebook. On the right, you can find the Messenger activity indicator which will be displaying the last time when the person was online.

The simple idea behind creating this Conversation Topics feature is to help you when you are trying to catch-up with an old friend or to break the ice with a new Facebook friend.

Other users also posted about the feature, which in other cases showed what music friends had been listening to lately, or upcoming social events they're planning on attending.

This new feature will offer recommendations about what to talk about with friends. A code buried in the Messenger app which pointed to a feature called "Rooms" has also been witnessed in September.

Furthermore, the feature would have the extra benefit of being a more basic News Feed of genera. As they update things your friends have done recently, like where they've been, or occasions they plan to join.