Wonder Woman handed United Nations honorary ambassador role

Cristina Gallach, UN under-secretary-general for communications and public information, said: "While we have achieved progress towards gender equality, in many parts of the world women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence".

It was a celebration of heroic woman and girls worldwide-but not everyone was impressed. Recently revealed to canonically queer, the character is a comic book icon that has evolved over time, but has overall transcended the damsel-in-distress trope. Just before the special guests arrived to mark Wonder Woman's big day, however, a group of adults filed into the back of the auditorium.

"Wonder Woman lives, do not doubt it".

Although we're down with Wonder Woman wearing whatever she feels her most superhero-y self in, her look alarms some United Nations staffers who are protesting her appointment with an online petition to revoke her ambassador status.

Guterres will be the ninth man in the UN's 71-year history to hold the position, while no woman has ever served in the UN's top job. The UN gave the award to Nelson for the official designation in front of an audience that prominently featured young girls Carter and Gadot waved to throughout.

The DC Comics character, created 75 years ago, will be the face of the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 5. Wonder Woman stands for justice, for peace and for equality.

"What makes Wonder Woman empowering isn't that she represents 'look at what girls can do, ' it's that she represents 'look what girls already can do, '" Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment told The Daily News.

From her origin to her sexual orientation right down to her latest toned-down outfit, arguably no figure in all of superhero comics is more saddled with political scrutiny great and small than Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman helped revolutionize how women were represented in the media. She then shared how many girls all over the world don't get to dream about what they want to be when they grow up and how seeing a character like Wonder Woman impacts them.

"Hope Wonder Woman's lasso of truth reveals hypocrisy", the academic and former United Nations adviser said. She lives and she breathes. She's being honored at the United Nations today, and the image is part of that celebration, showing Gal Gadot looking concerned and ready for action.

Carter says Wonder Woman transcends the page and screen.

Much of the recent discussion around the US presidential election has focused on Republican nominee Donald Trump's objectification of and alleged inappropriate behavior toward women, as well as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's alleged disparagement of women who accused her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of sexual harassment.

"I wish I could use my lasso of truth". But the Wonder Woman protesters do have their own valid points.

United Nations officials have said they hoped the selection of a comic-book hero and movie character would appeal to younger women in its campaign for women's empowerment, and the slogan of the campaign says: "Think of all the wonders we can do".

Wonder Woman, meanwhile, is but the latest fictional character to be named a United Nations ambassador.