Police Dash Cam Captures High Speed Chase, Shoot-Out During Ride-Along

Police Dash Cam Captures High Speed Chase, Shoot-Out During Ride-Along

Police Chief Steve Frazier, speaking at a news conference, said the woman asked the department not to release her name.

The events unfolded at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, when the officer made a decision to stop the SUV because one of its lights was not working, Smith said.

The officer was not hurt, but a woman who was participating in a civilian ride along, in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, suffered minor scratches from broken glass.

Dashcam video shows the suspect blowing through stop signs at about 40 miles per hour. But the driver doesn't stop and speeds through a residential neighborhood, blowing through stop signs. "No, no, no, no!"

The officer continued to pursue, but the gunman fired four more rounds - striking the officer's windshield and disabling the vehicle. Two bullets pierced through the front windshield narrowly missing the ride along who was noticeably shaken.

The video shows Garcia attempting to pull over a silver Mazda.

The officer, who was only on his second week as a solo officer, was not injured during the pursuit. Police said they found an AR15-style pistol and other evidence nearby.

Police officers in California capture shocking dashcam video of officers chasing a suspect as they speed away in a vehicle, shooting at officers.

Chiaramonte said the officer had recently graduated from the police academy and had only been on his own for two weeks.

Still, the department credited the newly trained officer for his "cool demeanor" in its post. Either one of those bullets could have hit the officer or the female civilian.

Lt. Gino Chiaramonte, from the Madera Police Department, said: "It is the stark reality of law enforcement".