In Mosul 500000 Iraqis face 'catastrophic' water shortages

The government in October launched a massive campaign to retake Mosul, captured by IS in 2014 and its last major urban center in Iraq.

As the Iraqi Army, Kurdish fighters, and Shiite militias, backed by airstrikes by the USA -led coalition, move in on the city of Mosul to retake it from ISIS, many civilians have fled from the city, seeking shelter in refugee camps and other sanctuaries. "The federal police and the army will deal with the western part of the city".

Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces walk with their weapons during a battle with Daesh in Mosul, Iraq, November 29, 2016.

"We don't have water, food, electricity", said Nadim Shibab, one of the displaced people.

Up to 127 civilians were killed in airstrikes and by "friendly fire" from the US-led coalition in mid-November, the UK-based NGO Airwars said.

Since the battle to retake Mosul began, the United Nations rights office has reported hundreds of alleged execution-style killings by ISIL.

"[IS] has been installing rocket launchers and placing snipers on the rooftops of civilian houses", she said, according to the BBC.

There have also been reports that the terrorists have abducted hundreds of people suspected of leaking information to Iraqi Security Forces and moved them to another location.

The capture of Mosul, ISIL's last major urban stronghold in Iraq, is seen as crucial towards dismantling the caliphate which the group declared in Iraq and Syria.

Current assaults on IS-held Mosul, where an estimated one million civilians are now based, began in late October.

"Iraqi security forces will develop a higher degree of momentum and a. faster pace and tempo in liberating the city", he added.Around 100,000 Iraqi government troops, Kurdish security forces and mainly Shi'ite Muslim militiamen are pitted against some 5,000-6,000 Islamic State fighters.

The Iraqi army - backed by USA -led coalition warplanes and local allies - has for the past 45 days fought to retake Mosul, which was once Iraq's second most populous city.

Less than a month ago dead bodies of about two dozen people were displayed, at road junctions in the city as if they were crucified.

It was not immediately clear what caused the stoppage, with some residents blaming U.S. airstrikes and government representatives accusing Isis of sabotage.

Iraqi injured soldiers, who were wounded during the battle against the Islamic State group, lies on the ground as they receive medical treatment at a field hospital, in Haj Ali frontline village, southern Mosul, Iraq, Tuesday, .