Russia warns of planned cyber attacks on its banks

Russia warns of planned cyber attacks on its banks

Russian Federation has been on high alert since President Obama's government accused Russian Federation of carrying out a series of hacks on the USA with the aim of interfering with November's presidential election - Moscow denied the claims.

The Russian intelligence service said it has stopped a planned cyberattack on that nation's banks that was slated to launch on December 5.

The FSB also said that a disinformation and propaganda campaign was part of the plan, in which the attackers would spread fake news about Russian banks, send mass text messages to that same effect and publish stories on social media questioning banks' financial stability and licenses to operate-all with the objective of creating bank runs and wreaking havoc.

The agency is taking steps "to neutralize threats to Russia's economic and information security".

The FSB didn't say which country it thought was behind the plan.

It said the planned attacks were aimed at "destabilising Russia's financial system including the activities of a number of major banks".

"The situation is under control".

The US Government accused Russian Federation of using cyber attacks to interfere with its election, accusations Moscow denied.

Anton Onopriychuk, director of the Kiev-based company, told AFP it provides "services for protection against cyberattacks, not for attacks". "For these purposes, we have created a special center, Fincert, which is receiving the information and helping banks to be prepared for such attacks", Nabiullina said, addressing the Russian State Duma.

When asked if his business could be exploited to stage such an attack, he said: "Technically it is possible".

In October, a network of Ukrainian hackers released a cache of stolen emails taken from the account of an aide to Kremlin adviser Vladislav Surkov. It is possible with any hosting company, where you rent a server. "You can attack whatever [you want] from it, and in 99% of cases it will become known only after the event".