Barry Williams remembers "Brady Bunch" co-star, Florence Henderson

Henderson was a 19-year-old drama student in NY when she landed a one-line role in the play “Wish You Were Here.”.

The Hollywood personality Florence Henderson, who began her career as an ingénue soprano in the world of music in the era of 1950s actually get huge popularity in her television career at 1970s sitcom mum on "The Brady Bunch", and for this particular role she received massive fan base also. Her second husband, John Kappas, a hypnotherapist who helped her overcome her stage fright and fear of flying, died in 2002. Suddenly on Wednesday, Henderson was hospitalized and died of heart failure Thursday night.

Florence Henderson got her show business start on Broadway as a teenager in the 1950's, but it was the groundbreaking sitcom about a blended family that propelled her to stardom. In another, McCormick simply penned, "You are in my heart forever Florence". She made her Broadway debut in 1952 as The New Girl in "Wish You Were Here". "All of us at Grandmothers Murder Club were so blessed to have worked with such an fantastic woman".

She said: "She'll be remembered as a real class act - someone with so much talent. That was my very first job and then shortly after that, I was on camera and I've never looked back", she went on to say in her interview.

Chellappa, who has lived in St. Louis for 19 years, has been making movies for about a decade.

The actress' death was confirmed by her publicist. "That's the question I'm asked the most - 'Can I have a hug?' Well, yeah!" she said.

Henderson's last TV appearance was in the audience on Monday's "Dancing with the Stars" finale, supporting contestant and oldest Brady daughter Maureen McCormick.

"She was just delightful in Dancing With The Stars".

She took me to NY for Christmases with her family. "She had six Brady's, but also she had four kids of her own, and that's an bad lot to take care of and keep balanced and somehow she managed to do that and do it well".

After “The Brady Bunch” ended its first run, Henderson alternated her appearances in revivals of the show with guest appearances on other programs, including “Hart to Hart, ” ‘Fantasy Island” and “The Love Boat.”. Williams said she liked the theme song, but didn't sing it.

Henderson was known to TV audiences as Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch, and reprise the role in various Brady Bunch spin-offs and TV movies. She was the first woman to host “The Tonight Show” for the vacationing Johnny Carson. Henderson had also competed on the show in 2010.

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