How to control casino honesty

How to control casino honesty

The devoted fan of gambling entertainment that instead of visiting the underground clubs in the city will decide to look for an alternative to them in the network can face a huge number of online casinos. Not very thoughtful man will dive with a head into fun at the first online casino that he will find. Wiser gamer-novice will try to find good responses about casinos and initially will come to  after all. 

You must to check all the responses from players, check the stats, rates and honesty of the institution.

To prove their honesty to potential users online casinos use different methods. One of them is the installation of the MD5 algorithm.

The encryption in using the algorithm MD5 is simple and still perfect.

The bottom line here is this: before the start of the game the random numbers are carried out, for example, by the order of placement of cards in the deck before the start of the game. The generated numbers using MD5 converted into a specific long code, which is always there and players can see it. At the end of one game, the player has the opportunity to make a comparison of the actual numbers with the initially encrypted. So fraud from the administrator is excluded.

It is believed that the use of the MD5 algorithm indicates the sincerity of the club, so this method of control is used by the virtual gaming industry all over the world. The player is always able to encode the same numbers in a particular program, in order to check whether the result coincides with the fact that the game has been issued by the portal.

Independent verification

Some casinos, to prove their honesty, go further and draw for verification of independent experts. Such experts are connected to the servers of the virtual casino, constantly monitoring the progress carried out on the website, keep track of all wins. After that, auditors compare results for payments and reports received from the game server in the institution. When the figures in them are the same, it is believed that the online portal passed the test successfully.