Syrian army tells rebels in Aleppo to leave or die

Syrian army tells rebels in Aleppo to leave or die

Russian Federation has repeatedly blocked action in the Security Council over Syria.

The shelling that targeted government-controlled western Aleppo was one of the most intense in recent days.

The officer says two Russian doctors were also wounded in the attack on Monday that targeted the field hospital set up in the government-held part of Aleppo.

The Syrian army and allied militia also advanced towards rebel-held areas of Aleppo's Old City, thrusting deeper into opposition parts of the city in a relentless attack which a military source said would be over in a matter of weeks.

The rebels said the Russians had retreated from proposals agreed at talks with rebel groups in Turkey that would have resulted in jihadist fighters leaving the city, a ceasefire and humanitarian aid deliveries.

Syrian warplanes, artillery and mortar rounds pounded areas in eastern Aleppo on Saturday drawing rebel rockets as government troops gain new ground in the shrinking opposition-held enclave.

To the south of the city, government cannons could be heard firing toward rebel-held areas.

Residents in eastern Aleppo also reported intense shelling in al-Sukkari neighbourhood on the southern edge of the enclave, where numerous newly displaced have sought refuge.

"The expectation is weeks.The Syrian Arab Army will continue to implement its missions until the elimination of the terrorists and the recovery of control over all the eastern districts", the military source said. "Because of the failure of the arrester system's cable, the Su-33 fighter rolled off the deck", the ministry said. The Defense Ministry said that a Mig-29 fighter crashed into the sea on November 15 while attempting to land on the Admiral Kuznetsov. The ministry added that Russian military operations over Syria will not be affected by the incident.

The Syrian army on Sunday ordered rebels in Aleppo to leave the city or face "inevitable death", as airstrikes on the neighboring Idlib province killed at least 50 people, including several children.

This is the second loss of an aircraft from Russia's only aircraft carrier since it arrived off Syria last month.

On Sunday, the government captured large swathes of the Qaterji, Maysar, and Karm al-Turab neighbourhoods, bringing their eastern flank to within less than a kilometre from the citadel that anchors the centre of the city.

Observatory Director Rami Abdulrahman said the pro-government forces were seeking to drive another wedge into the rebel-held sector from Aleppo's ancient citadel southwards.

Russian or government jets, meanwhile, were thought to be behind raids on Idlib province on Sunday, including two airstrikes that hit rural markets and killed dozens, activists said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 288 civilians have been killed in the province since October 20, when Syrian government and Russian aircraft intensified airstrikes. Malahifji said the rebels could remain steadfast for "an excellent period" of time.

Four children and two women were killed in Tamanaah when the village was attacked by government helicopters, the Observatory and Civil Defence reported.