Doctor Who Season 10 First Look Preview Released

Doctor Who Season 10 First Look Preview Released

The Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", finds the Doctor teaming with a mysterious superhero dubbed the Ghost to "save New York City from floating alien heads", per BBC America.

In this teaser, you saw the arrival of Pearl Mackie as Bill, an energetic new Companion who came from rather humble beginnings, and actually refers to him more as "Doctor What" than anything else.

"This Christmas sees the Doctor join forces with a masked Superhero for an epic NY adventure".

When will Doctor Who return? It's Peter Capaldi's third capable turn as the Doctor, a role he landed in 2013, coinciding with 50 years of Doctor Who. Doctor Who should be on Christmas Day. It also appears the Daleks will be back this season, and Matt Lucas will be appearing again as Nardole.

"I have always watched Doctor Who at Christmas, even before I was involved". It premieres on BBC America at 9PM EST.

"Doctor Who is a good-hearted adventure where the adults say, "This is a really clever show", and the kids say, 'Yes, but it's ours!' It fills that slot". You can check out the new trailer below. Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.