Jaden Smith Had A Meltdown On Social Media

Jaden Smith Had A Meltdown On Social Media

"It's going to be so amusing to tell my dad that I failed straight up", he began, via an Instagram live video, while reportedly still outside the DMV. Will Smith is yet to comment on his son's Instagram meltdown.

Jaden Smith's fledgling career isn't failing. Smith also mentioned that he wants to do something "really, really dope" at the end of this year. He has his own clothing and lifestyle brand MSFTSrep. We're here for you. "If someone at your school's trying to pick on you, it doesn't matter because Jaden Smith's got your back". This is insane. Why aren't scientist Instagram live-ing, why am I?

"Why aren't we Instagramming Live about people saving lives?" #RichKidProblems - Clora Smith (@ThatsSoClora) January 13, 2017. As for boys wearing skirts, Jaden Smith has made a huge name for himself by doing just that. What could be going on in the life of Jaden Smith to make him fear of disappointing his open-minded father and plan to leave his home city?

In a now-deleted Instagram post the 18-year-old teen ranted during what appeared to be an existential crisis or a teenage hissy fit announcing that he's departing Los Angeles due to "bad things here" and complaining that adults aren't supporting youth creativity. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Jaden is also out to change the world in bigger, more substantive ways. The goal? To cut down on destructive plastic waste.

As abruptly and bizarrely as it began, his Instagram Live video ended, leaving fans and followers wondering what was going on in Jaden Smith's young life.

As New York Daily News reports, Jaden Smith may have become the victim of Jaden Smith and a bit of your run-of-the-mill teen angst.