Melania Trump's Beauty Team Planning Its Own White House Takeover

Melania Trump's Beauty Team Planning Its Own White House Takeover

As the President-elect's transition team tackles filling cabinet positions and staff roles, the change in administrations will also come with a change to the Office of the First Lady.

As reported by Daily Mail, the Office of the First Lady will be renamed Office of the First Family when Trump takes office, one week from today.

The Washington social scene has their eyes on Donald and Melania Trump with the expectation they will reboot the social scene in D.C. back to the days when White House parties were common place.

Each First Lady makes her mark on the White House.

"The White House is still about to fall in", President Harry Truman wrote to his sister.

Whomever occupies the Office of the First Family will find a powerful new bully pulpit. Baby Boomers undoubtedly remember the backlash over Nancy Reagan spending $200,000 on White House China. George and Laura Bush were in bed by 9 p.m., so holding many gala affairs is not something noted in their legacy. "What remains to be seen is what she will do for her husband's administration".

Melania Trump's longtime makeup artist opens up about the future first lady
Melania Trump's Beauty Team Planning Its Own White House Takeover

Melania Trump has said very little about her plans once she becomes first lady next week, but in a new interview her makeup artist is revealing at least one change she will reportedly be making to the White House.

In the past, Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan both used the boudoir as their dressing room. Just ask a long line of modern day glam room queens.

Throughout his campaign for president, Donald Trump vowed to "drain the swamp" in Washington, D.C. According to multiple reports, he also plans to rename one of the most high-profile offices in the White House.

Melania's room of glam will be dedicated to her wardrobe, makeup and hair styling.

The lighting situation will help ensure Trump, who will be more photographed than ever before once her husband, Donald Trump, is sworn in as the President, is always ready for her close-up - which takes a while to flawless.

Despite being a natural beauty, Melania does spend a good deal of time sculpting the ideal look before starting her day.