Pakistani hulk claims to be world strongest man alive!

Pakistani hulk claims to be world strongest man alive!

The proof's in this video, where he arrives in the courtyard of his house like a WWE Wrestler, even mimics their silly theatrics and then goes on to make two cars struggle, as they try to break away in reverse. Well, videos of a man, who is popularly known as Pakistan's hulk man, has gone viral. The man - identified as Arbab Khizer Hayat - weighs a whopping 435.5kg and claims to be the world's strongest man, reports the Dail Mail UK.

'My aim to become the champion.

Hayat's everyday diet consists of 36 eggs, 7 pounds of meat and 5 litres of milk.

"He is thankful to God that he gifted him a colossal body, but to maintain a body like a beast is not everyone's cup of tea."

Hayat consumes an incredible 10,000 calories a day. He said that he appreciates all the love and admiration he gets from people in Pakistan, but he wants to achieve big and become a "world star". He stands at 6ft 3 in tall and has no health issues despite his extraordinary weight.

A resident of Mardan in Pakistan, Hayat says he started gaining weight and turned bulky during his teenage years.

"But I have to keep at it if I want to become a world champion strongman".

"I started gaining weight in my teens but I realized that I wanted to get into weightlifting and strongman championships".

"So I continued to put on weight".

In a statement to DNA, Arbab Khizer Hayat said, "My immediate goal is to enter World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) competitions". At a towering height of over 6 feet, Hayat has already been dubbed Pakistan's Hulk, with people showing up in hordes to take selfies with him.

'There isn't much scope to do strongman or weightlifting events in Pakistan.