China to take strong action if Trump continues on Taiwan

Trump, who will take the oath of office on Friday, has said he does not see why he should be committed to the "One China" policy - a longstanding U.S. practice in foreign policy - unless Beijing made concessions in trade. "And it should not be coming a bargaining chip", Jacobs added.

President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to the U.S. at the invitation of President Barack Obama in September 2015.

Beijing sees Taiwan as part of China and "One China" has been the bedrock of Sino-US relations ever since they re-established diplomatic relations 40 years ago.

Mr Trump angered the Chinese by taking a congratulatory phone call after his election win from Taiwan's leader and questioning the "one-China" policy.

Spokesman Lu Kang said: "There is but one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China". "I have a lovely card from the chairman", he said.

Meanwhile, Cui highlighted the importance of China-U.S. relations in realizing China's goals of building a relatively prosperous society.

The Chinese yuan has fallen steadily against the US dollar in recent years, with China accused of deliberately suppressing the value of its currency to make the country's exports more competitive. Unlike Northeast Asia, where the bulk of its military force in the region is located, the USA simply does not have the ability to substantively monitor and provide a credible deterrent in the South China Sea. "One China" policy could be changed under his administration. There were concerns that Tsai might use the stopover to meet with President-elect Donald Trump, who has exacerbated tensions in recent weeks. No matter which way the situation plays out, "somebody's going to be unhappy".

Taiwan, a self-ruled island, is claimed by China.

China Daily said in an unusually strongly-worded editorial on Monday that Mr Trump was "playing with fire with his Taiwan game". ".It will prove a worthy price to pay to make the next U.S. president aware of the special sensitivity, and serious consequences of his Taiwan game", Global Times wrote.

However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry in a sedate reaction said that China and the USA share a lot of common interests and have a great potential for cooperation.

The comments from the foreign ministry were posted on its website and urged the incoming Trump administration to acknowledge the One China policy as necessary to continuing U.S.

In his Wall Street Journal interview, Trump lashed out again at China over trade and currency issues. In an apparent bid to comfort Beijing, Trump recently announced to assign Iowa governor, Terry Branstad, as his ambassador to China. "Certainly they are manipulators. But I'm not looking to do that".

"If you get along and if Russian Federation is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody's doing some really great things?" Trump was quoted as saying during the hourlong interview. "First of all it would have been very rude not to accept the phone call".

"The Beijing newspaper said the suggestion "lacks legality", and credited the Chinese leadership for showing "restraint whenever [Trump's] team members express radical views". Robert Ross, a political science professor at Boston College who closely follows developments in the South China Sea, says there's little question about what would happen if the U.S. were to take such a step.

Since 2015, the overall relationship between China and the United States has remained stable and even made new progress in some areas.

Asked at a news conference Saturday about protectionist tendencies in the U.S., Merkel said she will seek a dialogue with the new president. Similarly, Trump will need to think carefully about his seeming preference for transactional or bilateral relationships with allies as it will take a collaborative and focused effort, involving not just the USA but Japan, India, Australia and ASEAN, to bring stability and order to the disputed seas.

"While President Trump takes office, we want to increase cooperation in bilateral, regional and global affairs, manage and control divergences in a constructive way, and further bilateral relations from a new starting point, so as to bring benefits to the two peoples and other peoples around the world", the official maintained. Trump has criticized Merkel's decision to allow large numbers of migrants into Germany.

However, the paper said that Trump's reiterating the same point in another newspaper interview can not be a repeated mistake. Merkel will host the latter summit in the German city of Hamburg.

"If there's anything beyond that then we will announce that at the appropriate time", Merkel said.