Stacey Dash Gets Fired From Fox News, Twitter Celebrates

Stacey Dash Gets Fired From Fox News, Twitter Celebrates

However, as of Sunday, Dash's Twitter profile still listed her role as a Fox News contributor.

Since Donald Trump won the election in November, Stacey Dash, the prototype black female conservative celebrity, has been on a been of a victory lap.

Welp. Stacey, girl, go on ahead and remove that Fox News contributor mention in your Twitter bio and take the L like a real woman.

Will, 75, is a Pulitzer-winning conservative columnist who was with ABC from 1981-2011 before coming to Fox in 2013.

He announced a year ago that he was resigning from the Republican Party in response to Donald Trump's nomination, a move that left no tears from the new president.

Dash, of course, is best known for starring in the 1995 comedy Clueless, and was most often seen on the afternoon news discussion show Outnumbered on the channel - but now, well, she's gone.

Most recently, Will wrote in the Washington Post that on Friday, Trump delivered "the most awful inaugural address in history".

Stacey Dash's sporadic career as a Fox News pundit is over, after the network declined to renew her contract.

In June of 2016, Will left the Republican party because of Trump's rise.

Fox News did announce the addition of one new contributor - Nigel Farage, the former U.K. Independence Party leader who was the most public backer of England's move to exit the European Union. Farage, who led the campaign to separate the United Kingdom from there European Union, is also a huge Trump supporter.