Obamas Wrap Vacation, Bid Farewell to Palm Springs

Obamas Wrap Vacation, Bid Farewell to Palm Springs

Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison owns the golf course, and membership is by invitation only. The Obamas have holidayed here before, and the nearby Palm Springs neighbourhood is no stranger to celebrities.

The Obamas traveled to the Coachella Valley following Friday's inauguration of Donald Trump and were greeted with some less-than-typical Southern California weather.

The club where Obama attended the golf courses is one of the best.

Serving the United States' for that long would drain anyone; it is quite understandable that Obama has decided to make being fit a priority.

Saturday morning former president Barack Obama hit the links in his first full day of vacation out of office.

Dressed in a light blue polo shirt and baseball cap, the former President played 18 holes accompanied by a handful of secret service agents. He had a grey baseball cap to match his pants and rocked the outfit with Nike shoes and socks.

Obama spent the first couple of days of his retirement working out at Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, and playing golf at the very exclusive Porcupine Creek Golf Club, near Palm Springs, the Daily Mail reported.

Obama playing golf with his companions. He was previously there in February, and in 2014, he was spotted there with King Abdullah II of Jordan.

A Desert Sun photographer reported seeing the former first lady boarding the jet, but not spot the former president.

Although Barack Obama has gone back to being a civilian, he will have the protection of the secret service forever.