Kendall Jenner: I Shun My Family on the Runway!

Kendall Jenner: I Shun My Family on the Runway!

And while she always looks poised and focused during her catwalk appearances, the model has admitted that she can be distracted when her family members are sitting in the audience.

"Since my first show, I never look at the audience", she said, her new lob shiny, her Chanel suit very pink, and her coin necklace very rattly. "If I do, it will mess me up", Kendall explained while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

"Kylie, sometimes, if she's at a show, her and my mom usually, I can hear them screaming". Your boobs go through phases and on this particular day, I felt like they just looked nice! "But I'll never look".

She didn't exaggerate when she said "screaming".

Kendall Jenner has confessed that she tries to ignore her family when she's doing her thang down the runway.

"It actually depends on the situation", she told Fallon.

"(I don't get nervous) anymore, it actually depends on the situation, like if I'm wearing a really long dress with really insane heels, then obviously the nerves set in", she shared, looking glamorous in a red tweed Chanel suit. Do you know what I mean?

She wrote on "I don't know if you can relate, but I just felt like I was having a really good boob day, lol".

Despite getting embarrassed by her mom on the runway, she gives Kris and Caitlyn Jenner credit for helping her stay motivated to achieve a successful modeling career. "It really is a dream come true. It's really awesome, the last three years have been awesome".

Watch Kendall's full interview with Fallon here.