White House to Finally Name Communications Director

White House to Finally Name Communications Director

Donald Trump has reportedly chosen his new communications director.

The White House is set to name Mike Dubke, founder of the conservative Crossroads Media group, as its communications director, an administration official confirmed to CBS News.

Crossroads media describes itself as "the premier Republican media services firm" according to its website and claims Dubke has "a unique understanding of the relationship between political strategy and public policy development".

Miller, a longtime spokesman for Trump's campaign and later the transition operation, had been named communications director and assistant to the president as part of the senior White House communications team.

CNN reports Dubke's appointment could be announced as early as Friday, and that the hiring is causings some grumblings inside the White House, with loyalists saying they would rather have someone from Trump's campaign in the seat.

Officials say they are trying to lighten the load on embattled press secretary Sean Spicer, who has been handling both jobs.

Dubke's fellow co-founder of Crossroads, Steven J Law, served as former President George W Bush's US Deputy Secretary of Labor.

He is currentlya founding partner, along with Carl Forti and Brian Jones, at the Black Rock Group, a strategic communications and public affairs firm, based in Alexandria, Virginia.