Half-eaten shark washes ashore on New Smyrna Beach

Half-eaten shark washes ashore on New Smyrna Beach

A partly eaten shark was found at the sand at New Smyrna Beach Inlet in Volusia County over the President's Day weekend, Volusia County officials said Monday.

Beach-combers Saturday morning discovered the carcass of a spinner or blacktip shark that had lost half its body to a much larger predator, Fox 13 reported.

"It is unknown what type of predator bit the shark or how far offshore it was when it was attacked", said Beach Safety spokesperson Tammy Morris. Two great white sharks - one of them 14 foot long and known as Katherine - have been spotted near New Smyrna Beach in recent months.

Officials aren't sure whether another shark is responsible for the death, but Morris says whatever fish caused the death was certainly bigger than the 5-foot shark. "LOL I guess there is something even bigger out there", the post jokingly read.

Katherine weighs 2,300 pounds (1,040 kilograms) and has been tracked by Ocearch since 2013 when she was tagged by a fearless marine biologist.