Top moments from Mama June: From Not to Hot premiere

Top moments from Mama June: From Not to Hot premiere

Mama June Shannon was apps-olutely not going to her ex-husband's wedding without a date, so she headed to Tinder for a little help. It is widely speculated that she is staying off the grid until her transformation is revealed on her new reality show, Mama June: From Not To Hot, which premieres on Friday on WEtv.

"I think she is ridiculous", Pumpkin replied.

Season one documents Mama June's journey, from the moment she learns that her Ex (Sugar Bear) is getting hitched, right up to her shocking reveal in front of the universe.

Before Pumpkin could come to her idols' defense and shut down Bregoli's comments, Honey Boo Boo interjected. June says she was afraid of disappointing Gina (valid, given the way she talks to her), and that she doesn't understand the struggles as a "big person" to lose "all this weight". June is reportedly down to a size 4.

"Pumpkin, she gonna catch you outside if you keep talking about her", the 11-year-old said.

A TMZ photographer caught Honey Boo Boo (born Alana Thompson) and Pumpkin (born Lauryn Shannon) outside a New York City airport Tuesday and asked them how they felt about Bregoli aka Cash Me Outside.

Honey Boo Boo agreed, saying her mama definitely looks "hot" to her! There are a couple of men in the running, and Pumpkin is setting her standards high. But she said in a new interview that she is now single. Although her show hasn't even aired yet, she is already giving interviews where she gives diet tips, telling people things that have worked for her. She's now 17 and her fiancé is 20.

Earlier this week, she exclusively revealed to Life & Style how she was able to get in shape. Her fiancé has Boo Boo's seal of approval.

June Shannon seems very happy with her progress, but she admits that it wasn't always easy.