The Breakdown: This Is Why Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj Are Beefing

The Breakdown: This Is Why Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj Are Beefing

Over the classic and iconic 2001 track, "Ether", where a scrappy Nasir Jones came back at a tough Jay-Z, "Takeover" diss, Remy unleashed heavenly bars and hellish fury for almost seven minutes.

'Even when you stay out of the way they will have ya name all in some shit, ' Songz tweeted in response to Remy's diss record.

Apparently, Remy Ma's new rap song made some references to Nicki Minaj's song titled "Ether" which was released in 2001. The cover of "ShETHER" also features a bloodied pink-haired Barbie doll modeled after Minaj.

Rapper Remy Ma released the ultimate diss record towards fellow rapper Nicki Minaj titled "ShETHER". The lyrics of the rap song directly points to the "Anaconda" rapper/singer, and Remy Ma seems to enjoy the public controversy generated by her new track. But Minaj posted a pair of Instagram pictures that convey her feelings: one featured the "Darling Nikki" rework by Beyoncé that praised Minaj as rap's queen.

But while Nicki is yet to officially clap back beyond her deleted post, Complex reported that the latest feud drama between Minaj and Remy has been a long time coming.

Ma's "Shether" is an almost 7-minute slaughter of Nicki, with cover art that features Minaj's Pink Barbie persona cut into pieces. Remy's track "Wait a Minute (Remix)' was thought by some to be a diss track directed towards Minaj". In fact, her career could take a hit if she fully engages Remy and lost. "I agree with everybody on social media".

On Sunday, she posted a clip from the "Make Love" video shoot and on Monday she posted several images and video clips from her video shoot with Future.