SPOILERS: Hugh Jackman talks about the ending of Logan

SPOILERS: Hugh Jackman talks about the ending of Logan

They described the pre-film teaser to have shown an un-suited Wade Wilson / Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), and as the clip continues to roll he will be seen wearing a jacket with a hood.

This movie was simply awesome. Though Fox has attempted to carve out a bub-less lane for the X-Men films to expand beyond the spiky haired tough guy, he's still an icon.

Keen, Stewart, and Jackman share a number of beautifully emotional scenes, most memorably and oddly placed domestic dinner scene with a farming family that give the film a sort of warm, the family they have been denied feeling.

Deadpool is set to appear in the "X-Force" film.

"Whereas, the last one, my favourite part is where he's in the middle of rural Japan and with this woman and being a human being and feeling what it's like to be a human being".

Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine has brought in the crowds, with "Logan" delivering a sturdy $237.8 million (that's just shy of £200 million) at the box office.

Luckily for us Hugh Jackman has one of the most generous social media accounts on the internet. The trailer itself doesn't give away many clues on when fans can expect the sequel, with the final message reading: "Deadpool... coming ... not soon enough". If this was his last performance as Professor X, then he went out with a bang. "Logan" was mostly about Wolverine, but it built X-23 up for future movies. While he successfully dispatched the group, the battle proved to be the adamantium-laced mutant's last, as he dies shortly afterward, according to Just Jared.

Thankfully, the story wasn't all action.

What is most important about "Logan" is that there are finally stakes involved and our characters are more vulnerable than they have ever been.

Huge Jackman has a great fan following across the world and people are insane for his Wolverine role as it considered as the best role he ever done.

I'm going to do my best to make this review of Logan as spoiler free as possible. While other comic book films focus on spectacle alone to sell the film, "Logan" deconstructs the genre by having its focus primarily be on its characters rather than on the familiar tropes of the superhero genre.