Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Has Some Really Big News To Share

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Has Some Really Big News To Share

Brad Pitt was hurt, as viewed by many, and perhaps one of the fewest people who could understand him is no other than his ex-lover, Jennifer Aniston. You heard that right. "He was blindsided by their divorce - he still believes Angelina made an impulsive decision and can't figure out how to reverse it and save face", a source told Life and Style. It would have to be the flawless role and all the stars would have to align, but it's definitely something that would benefit their careers. However, Angelina Jolie admitted that although she has fallen in love with her co-star, she will not be physically intimate with Brad Pitt because she doesn't want to do what her father did to his mom.

In fact, Brad Pitt had personally sent condolences to Jennifer Aniston after her mother died. "She thought it might be easier for them to start something like voices on a future animated film, not characters that would be romantic".

Details on what the upcoming project was hinted in the same report and the likelihood of the two working together is deemed to be more likely than a reunion episode of "Friends".

Now we're talking business! A new report claims that the former Hollywood power couple may be reuniting for a special project. You must know that the talk is limited as there's nothing romantic that's going to happen between the two. The closeness of the ex-couple has increased since a long time now, thanks to the divorce filed by Angie, both of them have become friends again. "There has just been some friendly back and forth, nothing more than that", a source had revealed to a Hollywood portal. And now, it looks like the actor is back in touch with Jennifer Aniston. Of course, he hated her in it but it was so evident that they were gorgeous looking together. Some gossip columns suggest Brad Pitt is constantly texting Jennifer Aniston for emotional support over his recent divorce with Angeline Jolie. Earlier, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had announced their divorce shocking the world and till then the divorce battle had taken an ugly turn.

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