WWE Superstars react to Undertaker's farewell at WrestleMania 33

After the main event loss to Roman Reigns which was at times uncomfortable to watch, WrestleMania 33 ended with an extended curtain call for Undertaker.

WWE YouTuber Myles interviewed Austin Aries ahead of WrestleMania 33.

Taker placed his famous coat, hat, and gloves in the middle of the ring and walked out showing he had faced his last opponent.

He defeated Shane McMahon in a thrilling Hell in a Cell match at the AT&T Stadium in Texas a year ago, with many speculating then that The Undertaker would retire.

This is Lesnar's first run with the Universal Title. The post-WrestleMania RAW is now one of the biggest WWE shows of the year and tonight's RAW should be no different. After giving series of attacks, Rollins gave a super kick to the Triple H, and that lead to winning of the superstar.

We saw five titles change hands Sunday night, including both world titles, the tag titles, the United States title and the SmackDown Women's Championship. Most surprisingly, after the match, John Cena proposed Nikki Bella inside the ring, and this makes the memorable moment in the Wrestlemania 33.

April 3, 2017- After a quarter of a century, The Undertaker seems to have retired from WWE. It appears that this was "The Deadman" retirement match.