Giraffe born in front of park-goers at Memphis Zoo

The zoo hopes the births will highlight the plight of the endangered species.

Everybody watching the footage might feel like the six-foot drop is unsafe for the newborn Rothschild giraffe calf.

An eight-year-old giraffe named Orla gave birth to a five-foot-tall Rothschild's giraffe calf after a four-hour labor on Monday, The Chester Zoo in Chester, U.K., said in a statement.

Giraffes stand when they give birth and their young fall head first, which stirs them to breathe, Fox 13 Memphis reports.

"For a while, we could just see two spindly legs poking out", giraffe team manager Sara Roffe said in a press release.

Hi there! The mother is seen with her newborn calf.

Wondering what to expect when it's time for April's calf to join us?

The newborn seems to be a whole lot more talented than we were at that age, taking its first steps just moments after being born. On the other hand, USA Today noted that among the millions of viewers who already watched Orla the giraffe give birth, some commented about the much-anticipated birth of April the giraffe's offspring and when she will really give birth.

"Have you seen this?"

Meanwhile, in New York, April has become worldwide drawing millions of views from across the globe after falling pregnant at Harpursville's Animal Adventure Park. The Animal Adventure Park's Facebook status read as follows. "She looks, and is acting, great".

While giraffes seem to be just popping out in the United Kingdom and at the Denver Zoo, we're still waiting for April to have her baby.

The big question: Why hasn't April given birth yet?