The Wrestling World is Saying Goodbye to Undertaker, and it is incredible

After losing to Roman Reigns at Wrestle Mania 33, The Undertaker has officially announced his retirement from WWE. I'll always remember you, Taker! Since his debut in the world of professional wrestling in 1990, The Undertaker - real name: Mark William Calaway - went on to become the greatest wrestler of all time. He underwent hip surgery and reportedly got injured after his participation at the 2017 Royal Rumble last January. The result was not the ideal way to end a career.

Taker stuck with the company when business was down in the 1990sĀ and was one of the few top stars who didn't jump ship to their main competitor WCW during the Monday Night Wars. The seven foot tall Khali, as part of the script, decimated The Undertaker, and people began questioning The Undertaker's longevity in the ring.

Triple H appeared to confirm The Undertaker's retirement less than 24 hours after the Deadman's emotional Wrestlemania send-off.

The pro wrestling promotion even welcomed back former commentator Jim Ross to call the final match of the night, making it an extra-special affair.

Ideally, The Phenom should have retired after the streak ended three years ago. However, the latest WWE rumors suggest that Lesnar might not be defending the Universal title at Payback on April 30.

Kenny McIntosh also wrote: "We just saw the end of Undertaker, What a handsome ending 2 an awesome career, Sometimes wrestling has to give you heartbreak [sic]". Their bout didn't last long in terms of time, but the intensity made it one of the most entertaining on the Wrestlemania 33 card in Orlando. John Cena was first speculated to be the one giving the "Dead Man" a proper send-off though the WWE changed the script and went with Reigns.

Reigns isn't exactly in the same position as Cena-he doesn't sell almost as much merchandise, and he seems to get even more brutal treatment from the crowd. You make us all look weak in comparison.

Lastly, the Undertaker recorded his second lost at Wrestlemania.