First trailer for Star Wars

For the second time this week, unreleased gaming footage has leaked out of Sony PlayStation. But this game won't disavow the prequels. So that means Darth Maul fighting Yoda, a shot of Rey in a forest, and Kylo Ren with his mask on. Obviously, we've already heard rave reviews of Harry's acting skills from the director and his co-stars alive, but did you know he was also nearly a major character in Disney's new Star Wars spin-off? Other snippets appear to show Starkiller Base and a snowy world that could be Hoth.

The graphics look great- but more important is the somber tone that the game attempts to strike.

"If you look really very carefully when Jyn and Cassian are walking through Jedha, you'll see these giant camel things that Stormtroopers are riding on the left", explained Edwards.

That voiceover apparently belongs to a female Stormtrooper (or at least an Imperial soldier) who remembers her last order as "the day the real war began", and whose "untold story" is the one likely to be told in the game's planned single-player campaign.

Although it doesn't have a release date yet Battlefront II is due to be released this Christmas as EA's big online shooter since Battlefield was previous year.

Although he admits the idea of nobody noticing a secret reference in a Star Wars film is "ridiculously impossible", Edwards revealed to that "loads" of gems still haven't been spotted by even the most dedicated of Star Wars fans.