'Infowars' host Jones says his on-air persona not a 'trick'

'Infowars' host Jones says his on-air persona not a 'trick'

Jones is in the middle of a child custody battle, and has testified he is a different person when not on air.

Alex Jones, the bombastic personality behind popular right-wing website Infowars, took the stand this week in a custody battle that offered up the kinds of nuggets you'd expect from the guy who helped make #Pizzagate the poster child for preposterous - and, ultimately, risky - propaganda during the election.

He also went to town on the Austin American-Statesman report that Jones couldn't recall details about his children's school because he had "eaten a lot of chili for lunch".

Anyway, that was reportedly in response to aggressive questioning by his ex-wife's attorney on the subject of Jones's alcohol and drug use.

"I don't have a calendar in front of me", Jones told Newman, refusing to confirm that the sex continued and that his new wife, who is eight months pregnant, knew about his other relationship.

Whatever happens in that Texas court case, Jones will always have custody of "the biggest child in the world".

There is no facet of American life that Alex Jones can not ascribe to a vast and shadowy worldwide plot to undermine USA sovereignty.

Jones said he sometimes smokes marijuana - almost yearly - "to monitor its strength, which is how law enforcement does it".

"That's what police do". Jones then added, under oath, that he had determined that the weed these days is far too strong, a development he blamed on billionaire investor and major progressive political donor George Soros.

The Austin-based host also accused philanthropist George Soros of funding a marijuana legalization campaign - echoing his "InfoWars" broadcast.