Easter will end corruption, recession in Nigeria - CAN

Easter will end corruption, recession in Nigeria - CAN

Other Churches throughout the country are marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ with church services while others climaxed theirs with Easter Conventions with a hope of renewed spirit following the resurrection of Christ.

How blessed we are to know that and to be able to celebrate the fact that even when the world seemed to have given up on Jesus, God reminded them in a powerful way that indeed He is in control.

Today, children will be scrambling for Easter eggs.

Sunday millions of Christians around the world are celebrating Easter, as they commemorate the day worshippers believe Jesus was resurrected almost 2,000 years ago. From my family and I to you and your family, Happy Easter.

On Sunday, the Rev. Jim Bell, pastor of First United Methodist Church in Rocky Mount, plans to address the topic of victory in his Easter Day sermon. "The rest of the day will be for visiting and hosting friends and relatives", said Michael Biswas, a resident of Surendra Sarkar Road in Entally. Several families will also be participating in the Easter march from Bishop's college at 3pm on Sunday.

The Bible never says celebrate Easter on one specific day. Easter is the way we live our faith, ask our questions, offer our prayers, gather as the body of Christ, serve in and through our shared ministry, mature as disciples of Jesus Christ. Let us come together as God's people and celebrate all that He has done for us.

"Easter should give us hope and give our lives meaning", Privott said. But even if the weather isn't the greatest, I still love Easter because it is so much more than candy and new clothes, dinner and Easter egg hunts, family gatherings and coming together as a community to praise God for His gift to us.

He said that in the current insecure and troubled world, those who follow Jesus Christ have a peace and a hope that is not determined by what goes on around them, but by sure knowledge that God remains in control, working His goal out through all their moments of anxiety and darkness. "Easter is about mystery of god".