Young man is 9th fatality in Venezuela protests this month

Young man is 9th fatality in Venezuela protests this month

In July of past year, the government took control of a factory belonging to Kimberly-Clark Corp. after the USA personal care giant said it was no longer possible to manufacture in the crisis-wracked nation due to a lack of materials.

Government critics allege that the National Guard have used heavy-handed tactics after eight people were killed during protests.

Also present on the demonstration was Henrique Capriles, the opposition leader barred by the government from holding office.

But some experts warned the opposition was pursuing a risky strategy.

"But the protesters who showed up Wednesday vowed to keep struggling against Maduro and voicing their displeasure with the state of the country".

Numerous businesses and universities remained closed.

"Assuming the numbers stay high, it will add pressure onto Maduro to listen to their wishes that he stepped down or called elections".

"We know there are groups interested in selling the world a country in chaos", Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami said on Wednesday after the murder. The country's Supreme Court recently attempted to strip the opposition-controlled parliament of its powers, sending hundreds of thousands of protesters into the streets of Caracas and other major cities.

Reverol said they are also investigating the death of 17-year-old Carlos Moreno, who died after being shot in the head near an opposition protest.

The opposition accuses Maduro of letting state forces and gangs of armed thugs violently repress demonstrators.

The political turmoil, coupled with a deepening economic crisis characterised by triple-digit inflation and shortages of food and basic consumer goods, has galvanised the often divided opposition in their efforts to force Maduro from power. If the seizure turns out to be illegal under Venezuelan law (as General Motors claims), the worldwide consequences could put Venezuela on the brink.

Argentina's foreign ministry released a statement saying the nine countries back the declaration by the United Nations secretary-general calling for "concrete measures to be adopted by all sides to reduce the polarization and create the conditions necessary to face the country's challenges for the benefit of the Venezuelan people".

Venezuelan authorities have called on the Organization of American States, OAS, to condemn the violence perpetrated by the opposition.

"The plan of the empire is to overthrow the constitutional president elected by Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, as a warning to anti-imperialist governments", Morales said.

"I don't have any food in the fridge", protester Jean Tovar, 32, told AFP on Wednesday as he held rocks in his hands ready to throw at military police in Caracas.

On Thursday, leaders of the opposition announced they will continue their protests on the streets of Caracas to force the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro.

But the defense minister, General Vladimir Padrino Lopez, has pledged the army's "unconditional loyalty" to Maduro.

Maduro says the protests seeking to oust him are supported by Washington.

According to a survey by pollster Venebarometro, seven in 10 Venezuelans disapprove of Mr Maduro, whose term does not end until 2019.

He said at an official event on Thursday that the opposition had expressed readiness to begin political talks.

Regional elections due in December were indefinitely postponed and there is still no date for local polls due this year.